David Abbs
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ault
Dr. and Mrs. Edgar P. Balcueva
David and Joellen Barnes
Ruth Barnett
Mrs. Mary Bashans
Dr. and Mrs. Reynold Baumstark
Agnes Benkert
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Benson
Patricia Bierlein
Marianne Bird
Mrs. Leta D. Bloomfield
Albert Bluemlein
Hon. and Mrs. Fred J. Borchard
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brenner
Mrs. Wallace Bronner
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Brown
Ron and Bonnie Bushey
Dr. and Mrs. Gualberto Buzon
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Campbell
Dr. Michael C. Cappelli
Mr. and Mrs. Win L. Case
Mrs. Helen Chaklos
Mr. and Mrs. John Chasnis
Dr. and Mrs. John Cherry
Mr. and Mrs. James Church
Mrs. Carlene Cieszlak
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cline
Mrs. Alex E. Collier
Mr. Jim Collison
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Day
Dr. Anthony De Bari
Hon. and Mrs. Joseph De Francesco
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Deisler
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Douglas
Mrs. James Dwan
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Emede
Patricia A. Emmenecker
Dr. Jerry J. Evans
Mrs. Marion D. Fager
Mrs. Judith H. Farley
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Finger
Mrs. Fred Firchau
Mr. and Mrs. Max Fisher
Dr. Malcolm and Mrs. Lois Field
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic L. Fraizer, Jr.
Mrs. John T. Garey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gentner
Lee and Mary Lou Gloudemans
Mr. and Mrs. James Goetz
Joyce Grzesiak
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Guerriero
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hall
Mr. and Mrs. James Hammis
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hazen
Louise B. Heilbronn
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Henriksson
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hensler
Mr. and Mrs. John Hilbrandt
Tom and Diane Hollingsworth
Mrs. Aarol W. Irish
Mr. and Mrs. James Jakes
Mrs. Maggie Jewett
Ms. Martha A. Jones
Mike and Sarah Jury
Mr. and Mrs. C. Patrick Kaltenbach
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kelly
Marjory C. Kendrick
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kendrick
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kern
Mr. and Mrs. Carl King, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kinkle
Mrs. Jack D. Kinzinger
Mrs. Caroline Knowlton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kremin, Jr.
James R. Krohn
Helen Kubiak
Mr. and Mrs. John Kunitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard LeFevre
Ms. Margaret Lengyel
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lennon
Mrs. Mary R. Leslie
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lichon
Mr. and Mrs. William Lichon
Mrs. Barbara Lincoln
Mr. LeRoy Lyvere
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Maczik
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Maidlow
Mrs. John Malone
Drs. Luigi and Carlotta Maresca
Mr. and Mrs. H. William Martin
Charles J. Maynard
Mr. and Mrs. James H. McLennan
Dr. William J. McQuillan
Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Mueller
Dr. and Mrs. Jack W. Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Nentwig
Mr. and Mrs. William Nickle
Dr. and Mrs. Jacob C. Ninan
Mrs. Georgia Northway
Mr. Mike C. Olenik
Mr. and Mrs. Terence J. O'Neill
Gretchen Orr
Mr. and Mrs. R. James Paas
Mrs. Shirley Patzwaldt
Mr. Donald Phillpotts
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Polasky
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Pratt, Jr.
Marianne Prokop
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Purcell
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rehmann
Mr. and Mrs. James Reichard
Ms. Anne M. Remington
Mrs. Robert L. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Clement Richter
Mrs. Mary B. Rockwell
Mr. and Mrs. James Romzek
Mrs. Jacqueline Ross
Mr. Randy Rupp
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ruth
Mrs. Janet Samp
Dr. and Mrs. William G. Scharffe
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Scherzer
Judith M. Schuler
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Seidel
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Smith
Edna Sparkman
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Spence, III
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Spence
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Spence, Jr.
Rev. and Mrs. Charles M. Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Suszek
Rosemary F. Taft
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Talbot
Mr. and Mrs. James Tanner
Mrs. Robert H. Tiderington
Gerald C. Tilmann
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Tincknell
Mr. Dave Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Turner
James and Dorothy Vedrode
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Virciglio
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vitito
Mrs. Larry Vorwerck
Mr. and Mrs. David Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wardin
Dr. and Mrs. Lester E. Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Weldy
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Westlund, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Williams
Mr. Tony Wyoda
Mrs. Judith Yeo

Blessed Trinity Catholic Church
Bridgeport Community Church
Countryside Trinity Church
Daughters of Isabella, Circle 978
Daughters of Isabella
Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church
First Presbyterian Church
First United Methodist Church
Freeland United Methodist Women
Harvest Tabernacle Women’s Ministry
Holy Spirit Catholic Church
Knights of Columbus, Council #4232
John D. Mershon Memorial
Peace Ladies Guild
Second Presbyterian Church Women’s Association
Second Presbyterian Church
SS. Peter and Paul Catholic Church
St. Elizabeth Parish
St. Helen’s Parish
St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church
St. Stanislaus Parish
West Michigan United Methodist Women
The Women of Zion Lutheran Church - Freeland

Absolute Building Maintenance
Covenant Healthcare
St Mary's of Michigan
Art Sample Furniture
AT & T Employee Giving
Frank N. Andersen Foundation
Bierlein Companies
Billmeier Jewelry
W.L. Case & Company
Catholic Federal Credit Union
CCI Construction
Country Mini Storage
Deisler Funeral Home
A.T. Frank Company, Inc.
Garber Buick
Rob Handeyside
Hernmeter School Staff
Humphreys, Campbell, Dust, and Humphreys, P.C. Lawyers Title Insurance Corp.
Marshall Field’s
Michigan Sugar Company
Michigan Cardiovascular Institute
Morley Incentives, Inc.
Pumford Construction Company
R. C. Hendrick and Sons, Inc.
Rehmann Robson & Co., P.C.
Reimold Printing
Reitz-Herzberg Funeral Home
Remer Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning
Tri City Urology
Drs. Gerard and Caroline Scott
United Saginaw Credit Union
Wakeman Funeral Home
Wanigas Federal Credit Union
Wobig Construction Company
Wolgast Corporation
Women’s OB-GYN, P.C.

Altrusa International
Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary
Fleet Reserve Branch #358
Saginaw County Medical
Society Alliance
Saginaw Board of Realtors
Saginaw County Deputy Sheriff Association
South Saginaw Businessmen’s Association
Saginaw Council 43 United
Commercial Travelers
Saginaw Valley Auxiliary
VFW 9809
Women’s National Farm and Garden

Walter Alexander
Dr. and Mrs. John Finger
Kathryne Anderson
Linda Baker
Lorraine Bauer
Marianne Slachta
Linda Beni
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pappas
Elsie Cardinal and Cathy
Richard and Lewis Bird
Marianne Bird
Gordon Boydston
Dorothy Butts
June Braun
Mrs. John T. Garey
Helen Brier
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fortin
Donald S. Burkholder
Mr. and Mrs. John W Snyder
Cora S. Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Art Guren
Marianne Greene
Helen Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Collison
Richard Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Rowell
Liz Campbell
Ray and Alice Kaiser
Grace Chandler
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jacques
Marge Lengyel
Jane L. Collison
Mr. and Mrs. John Chasnis
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Collison
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Collison
Mr. and Mrs. Billy R. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rousseau
Shirley Cortopassi
Mrs. John T. Garey
Leola M. Dicks
David and Barbara Emmons
Rus and Deanna Halsey
Donald and Carol Hartman
Don King
Sandra Maxim
Edmond Smith
Waldo Domm
Jessie E. Hayden
Jim and Donna Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Drexler
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Mastromarco
Paul and Barb Wendling
Howard Doud
Mrs. John T. Garey
Georgia Northway
Elfriede Dutz
Diane Blacker Adams
Tammy Barrows
Beadle Bay Subdivision II, Inc.
Addie Beauchaine
Mary Ann and Henry Bond
Mr. and Mrs. John Buckett
Pete and Lisa Closner
Helen Crowe
Mr. and Mrs. Giebach
Kelley Haladyna
Brian Hawkins
Arlene Hearsch
Ralf Hiebl
William Kumm
Patty LaCosse
Mary Lanyon
Nancy Loichinger
Gail Lombardo
Mr. and Mrs. William Macgillivray
Mr. and Mrs. Bill McKeel
Richard and Susan Meyer
Robert Olejar
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rolls
Mr. Roger Schroeder
Janet Simula
Brian Siwek
Mr. and Mrs. John Stenton
Mr. Gregg A. Sutherland
Evelyn Eastwood
Marge Lengyel
Bob Ferguson
Mrs. Bob Ferguson
Michael Fitzpatrick
Jane and Norbert Kakowski
Orrie Francis
Roger Francis
Loren W. Frantz
Beverly Frantz
Norman Gallinat
Geza Kocsis
Mr. and Mrs. Terence O’Neill
Rick Grzesiak
Frank and Martha Grzesiak
Wayne Hauer
Joan Hauer
Albert Herrst
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Rasch
Evelyn Hiles
Mrs. Walter Leslie
Max Howell
Mary Leslie
Alvin Kasubowski
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Buza
Mervin C. “Mike” Keaner
Ron and Bonnie Bushey
Roger Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fortin
Beulah Konecki
Don and Debbie Anger
Alex Kovach
Wilma Kovach
Tony Kreiner
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fortin
Ruth Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. John Reimus
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rousseau
Cecilia L. Lange
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Collison
Mr. and Mrs. Billy R. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rousseau
Darlene LaVelle
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Finkbeiner
Donna and Bill Krenz
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Langschwager
Mrs. Shirley Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith
Mrs. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fortin
Walter F. Leslie
Lee and Mary Lou Gloudemans
Mary Anderson
Bill and Blanche Loviska
Lena Licavoli
Theresa Kleinbriel
Gerald Loomis
Randy and Barb Yuncker
Matthew Marcogliese
Roger and Sue Pawlanta
Jerry K. and John R. Martin
Anne Martin
Neal B. Mayle
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Rasch
Karen and Buster Short and Family
Ed McArdle
Mr. and Mrs. C. Patrick Kaltenbach
Meredith McArdle
Rita and Gerald Fortin
Delphine Nieman
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Adams
Levi and Myrtle Noble
Dianna Pawlowski
Georgia Northway
C. John Bauer
James and Constance Bockelman
Mary Bresser
Jack and Ruth Cherry
Jennifer and Matthew Doyle
Rita and Gerald Fortin
Twink Frey and Jim McKay
Susan Gaynes
Mike and Cathy Hall
Chip and Pamela Hendrick
Wm. Hendrick
Karl and Joan Hershey
Melanie Hollman
Larry and Judith Jacob
Martha Ann Joseph
Martin Kasischke
Patti and Mike Kremin
Victor and Caroline Knowlton
Zach and Laura Littleton
Marcia (Penny) Liu
H. William and Joan Martin
Jean and Daniel Mauk
Mrs. Robert Meisel
Pete Northway
Mr. and Mrs. Terence J. O'Neill
Bud and Nan Pace
Susie Northway Phillips
Robert and Terry Pratt
Regina Provenzano
Miles and Sue Purcell
Timothy J. Roache
Joe and Elizabeth Rousseau
Nancy Sarosi
Judi and Jake Shinners
Bill and Sue Smith
Burris and Katherine Smith
James and Kathleen Sonntag
Sally Spence
Mr. and Mrs. Morrison Stevens, Sr.
John Strobel
Mary and John M. Sullivan III
Nancy Tesauro
Les Thompson
Lucy Thomson
Bruce and Betsy Trogan
William and Kimberly Vance
Frances and Trevor Wisniewski
David and Wendy Wohns
Arlene Nowak
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sullivan
Lorraine I. Pasterz
Dorothy M. Butts
Berenice Phillpotts
Frank R. and Mary Collison
Delos Prime
Dorothy M. Butts
John Purcell
Mrs. Walter Leslie
Alice M. Ratliff
Ken Ratliff
Chester Raymond
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fortin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goedert
Claribell Harrison
Jacquelyn L. Kurek
Betty LaBreck
Ralph Pearce
Robert and Lois Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ullrich
Herbert Redinbo
Mrs. H.M. Redinbo
Marjorie Rilko
Dr. and Mrs. Lester E. Webb
Eleanor Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Purcell
Roger Rychel
Beverly H. Rychel
Constance V. Sackrider
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Campbell
Bernard Sauve
Mrs. Walter Leslie
Carol Schenk
Leroy Schenk
John (Jack) Schofield
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lennon
Eric Stansloski
Michelle and Jesse Kalkman
Stella Stemler
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Phillpotts
Virginia Stevens
Hon. and Mrs. Fred J. Borchard
Helga Stewart
Linda Landel and Sara
Laura Stroebel
Richard Stroebel
Mildred Strunk
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gaertner
Joseph P. Szott
Dorothy M. Butts
Orville Tait
Dave and Bev Richards
Thomas Tilot
Mrs. Thomas Tilot
James T. Willoughby
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Henning
Walter Wolak and Joe Sari
Elizabeth Wolak
Mother of Dr. Yusef
Dr. and Mrs. Farhad K. Shokoohi

• The Post Secondary Students for all of their
cleaning efforts over the years.
• The parishioners of St. Josaphat Church and
the School for putting up with us for 24 years!
• Our mysterious donor of the Christmas wreaths
and spring flower pots!

Thank you again to all of our donors and if you would like to donate to our mission of hospitality, please follow this link DONATE NOW.

Hospital Hospitality Houses of Saginaw

Emerson Hospitality House
604 Emerson Street • Saginaw, MI 48601 • (989) 907-8986

McNally Hospitality House
1701 N. Michigan Ave. • Saginaw, MI 48602 • (989) 583-0155